Online Casino Gambling, Betting & Money Management

Online Casino Gambling Strategies

Pick any game of chance offered in a casino and you will find dozens of articles, books, seminars, and strategies offering to tell you how to play, and win against, each game.

As I said above, casino gambling is different than playing in the land-based casinos. While online casino gambling, we want to make as few bets as possible, get our bonus and, hopefully, a profit, and then get out.

To accomplish all of these objectives, first we need to pick games that offer the lowest odds (vig) against the player. That is why we only play baccarat, blackjack, craps and roulette online. Except for roulette, each of the other games offers odds against the player between 0.5% and 1.5%. Single-zero roulette offers odds of 2.7% against the player not great, but good enough!

Next we have to make the best possible bets when playing each of these games. Making the best possible bets includes, not only picking the best bets available, but also developing a bet selection method that takes into account the random number generators that are determining the outcomes of the online casino games.

The 1st part is accomplished by only playing the even-money bets in baccarat (Player/Banker), Craps (Pass/Don’t Pass) and Roulette Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low). Of course, in Blackjack we can only play against the dealer. So here we will use basic online casino gambling strategy to accomplish our goal of lowering the edge against us.

The bet selection method is accomplished by various techniques that help us to randomize our decisions in selecting a bet to make. These methods, together with the betting strategies identified below, make for a very powerful, and profitable, way to play online.

Betting Strategies of Online Casino Gambling

There are only three types of betting sequences you can employ in any game of chance with successive betting opportunities: flat betting, up-as-you-lose progression betting and, up-as-you-win progression betting.

Flat Betting

Flat betting simply means that you will make the same bet on each successive wager of online casino gambling – win or lose. This method will result in the expected loss rate associated with the edge against the player for whatever game you are playing. To put it another way, flat betting decreases your variance and, thus, increases your chance of keeping the majority of your bankroll intact. To win a negative expectation game while using a flat bet strategy, you have to win the majority of the hands played.

Progression Betting of Online Casino Gambling

There are only two basic types of progression betting of online casino gambling: up-as-you-lose and up-as-you-win.

The up-as-you-lose betting progressions (the most famous of which is the Martingale, or double-up progression; 1-2-4-8-16-32-64, etc.) increase the bet size after each loss. This can be a very exciting (read that as sometimes terrorizing) way to play. This type of progression allows for a minority number of wins that still produces a profit. These types of progressions are known for their many small wins, with periodic large losses.

That leaves us with the up-as-you-win progressions. These types of progression take advantage of successive wins and allow for larger bets that come from previous winnings (instead of from your pocket). The trick here is to find a progression that works well with the game that you are playing. They are characterized by small wins and limited losses. To show a profit with this type of progression, you’ll need to have successive wins in a row (series of wins).

Online Casino Gambling, Betting & Money Management

Money Management of Online Casino Gambling

I’ll spend a few moments here discussing money management as it applies to online casino gambling. Money management usually takes the form of bankroll, buy-in and bet size.

The bankroll is the total amount of money that you have available for playing a given game. It includes all money available to play that game, regardless of whether or not you actually have that money on account with the casino. For our purposes here we have made the bankroll requirement equal to “5X” a given buy-in.

It should be noted that, in the time that I have spent playing online casino, I have not needed “5X” the buy-in. In fact, I have yet to lose “3X” my buy-in. However, having “5X” your buy-in gives you a comfortable margin in case you get a bad run of cards or plays.

The buy-in is the amount of money you buy-in for when you begin your play for online casino gambling. It is the amount of money that you give to the dealer (in real casino), or simply put into “play” (in a virtual casino) when you start, or resume, a game. Be aware that, with online casinos, your entire deposit is available for you to put into action. You’ll have to exercise some discipline to keep within your buy-in limits (also known as loss limits).

When playing online casino, your buy-in will be determined by the style of play that you adopt. If you are only playing for the bonus money, and are planning on “flat betting” the majority of your bets, you can buy-in for as little as 20 units. If you are playing one of the progression betting methods described below, then you’ll be buying in for 30, 31, or 50 units depending on the game you play and the betting method you use.

Let me digress at this point to mention, “Win Goals” and “Loss Limits”. If you are simply going after the bonus money, then these two points are rather moot you simply play until you give the casino enough action to warrant the bonus. In some cases, you’ll be ahead, and in other cases you’ll be behind. The wins and losses should even out to the pre-determined vig (odds) in favor of the house. The bonus money should more than cover that vig, plus give you a healthy profit margin. Once you qualify for the bonus, you look for an opportunity to quit play in that casino.

If, on the other hand, you are going for profits from winning play, then you will be playing one or more of the progression betting methods of best online casino gambling described below and you’ll be facing a different set of circumstances. Your win goal should be 10-15 units per game (depending on the game). Your loss limit is one (1) buy-in. If you play for shorter win goals, you won’t be making enough to cover your eventual losing games. If you do not respect the loss limit, you’ll tap through your bankroll during losing streaks. Play in a disciplined manner and use these goals and limits to help you stay on track.

Finally, we come to the bet size of the best online casino gambling. The bet size, or bet unit, is determined by your bankroll. If you bankroll equals 5X your buy-in, and assuming you are flat betting and playing for the bonus, your buy-in equals 20 units, then your total bankroll is 100 units. Each of those “units” equals one betting unit. So in this example, divide your bankroll by 100, and that is your betting size. In other words, a $500 bankroll allows for a $5 bet size. A $1000 bank, allows for a $10 bet size, and so on.

If you are using one or more of the progressions of online casino gambling, then your unit size is a function of the progression used. Each game presented in this website details their own respective bankroll, buy-in, win goals, and loss limits.