What is the online casino bonus?

What is the online casino bonus?At the time of this website writing, there are more Thant 4,000 online casinos vying for your action. They know that the majority of gamblers are reluctant to playing online casino, due to fear and uncertainty about giving up credit card information over the internet. So they offer: online casino bonus; to induce the player to make their initial deposit. These bonuses are like the old: match play; bonuses offered at many land-based casinos. This is how they work: you make a deposit and give the internet casino some action (i.e. start making some bets). Once the action meets the requirement for the online casino bonus (typical 3-5X the initial deposit), the casino deposits an: online casino bonus; into your account.

The online casino bonus is yours, provided you have fulfilled the requirements for receiving the bonus. It gets better: these bonuses usually range from 20-50%, or more, of your initial deposit. What does that mean for the player? Let’s look at an example of a player who just wants to play for the online casino bonus.

Let’s say that our player likes to play roulette, and he decides to playing casino online that offers double-zero game. Our player is now facing better than a 5% edge for the house. Now let’s also say that he buys-in for $100, and is offered a 30% online casino bonus once he has made at least $300 in total bets (3X his initial bet in :action;). O.K., after $300 worth of bets, he can expect to be down a little less than $85.00 in his account. But then the casino kicks in the 30% bonus ($30.00) and now our player finds that he has $115.00 in his account. If he stops here, he has made 15% on his original deposit.

Now that doesn’t seem like it’s worth the effort, does it? Consider the following:
1) If our player increased his initial deposit to, say, $500, and played as above, he could expect to clear approximately $75 (15% of the initial $500 deposit), and;

2) all of this can be done in less than an hour’s worth of play meaning he can make 15% (and more) on his money in an hour; and this is just playing for online casino bonus!

Of course, if our player found a casino that offers a: single-zero; game of roulette (and there are lots of them online), the casino edge would fall to about 2.7% – providing a higher rate of return for player. If our player was really smart, and chose a game like craps, or blackjack, he could reduce the odds against him even more, thus clearing a higher expected profit.

So we see that part of the strategy of playing casino online is in picking the right casino (offering good online casino bonus), picking the better games (with lower odds against the player), playing smart, and knowing when to quit.

Playing casino online – Why do they offer the online casino bonus?

Before we leave the subject of the online casino bonus, we need to ask ourselves another question: How can the casinos afford to offer these bonuses? Simple. They know that the vast majority of players, who begin playing casino online, will continue to play until their original deposit, plus any bonus, is whittled away to nothing. A fair number of those same players will continue to make more deposits, and the casino is off and running with your money.

So if you are interested in the online casino bonus, then the trick, as it were, is to give the casino enough action so that you qualify for the bonus, then cash back out. You have fulfilled your end of the deal, and in all but a few rare cases I have found that the online casinos will fulfil their end of the deal. You then repeat the process with another casino.

By the way, I have been playing casino online that have offered me additional online casino bonus to continue playing. So the: bonus play; strategy can pay off for you over and over again.

Does it work? Yes. I know of a number of players who are playing casino online 1-2 hours per day and making between $1000 and $2000 per month, all with just bonus play. Remember that this is just playing for the online casino bonus. We are just beginning here. We are also going to beat the casinos outright in four of their favourite games. But I am getting ahead of myself.